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Frank -- Guitar

"Everything in moderation."
	Elvis,  The Beatles, The Doors,  Tool,
	Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, The Police, 
	Nirvana, Soundgarden, early Pearl Jam, 
	Alice  in  Chains,  Jane's  Addiction, 
	Tool, A  Perfect  Circle,  REM, Primus
	Rage    Against      the      Machine, 
	The Crow Soundtrack
	Jimi Hendrix,  John  Frusciante,  Dave 
	Navarro, Tom Morello  (for  his  unbe-
	lievable  innovative  abilities), Kurt 
	Cobain (for his simplicity and noise),
	Billy Howerdel (for his "Perfect" mel-
	odies),  Adam  Jones, Ryan  Downs, Joe 
	Mullin, myself
	Fender American Lonestar Stratacaster, 
	1966   Fender   Jaguar,  1999   Fender 
	Voodoocaster   (although  it's  rarely   
	touched for obvious reasons!),  Fender
          American Deluxe Fat Stratocaster, Boss
	DS-1 Distortion,  Boss  Super  Chorus, 
	Boss  Phaser,    Boss  Digital  Delay,
	Vox Wah (best range in a wah), Line  6
          FlexTone II Amplifier.
Favorite MonoLyth Song:
	"Stolen Joy"  - it marks the beginning 
	 of a musical route we now  thrive on.
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