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Jeff -- Drums

	"Life IS"

	Tori Amos, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam and
	the  grunge  staples   Nirvana,  STP, 
	Sound Garden and Alice in Chains,Jimi
	Hendrix,  Leon Russell,   The   Black
	Crows, A  Perfect  Circle,David Grey,
	Bob  Marley,  Joan  Biaz, Country and 
	Western  Music guys  like  Jerry Jeff 
	Walker, John Prine,  David Allen Coe, 
	Johnny  Cash,   Peter  Rowen,  Willie
	Nelson and Charlie Daniels,Funk Music
	and  grooves in  general, Folk  music 
	and singer-songwriters

	Matt  Chamberlain,  Dave  Abbruzzesa,
	Manu Katche, Chad Smith,Steve Gorman,
	John Bonham (for  his  subtle  wheels
	and his monster pocket), Tom  Callen,
	Joe Mullin (the first drummer  I knew
	when I at a  time  when  I was really  
	starting to fall  in love with music)
	5 piece  cranberry red  Yamaha  stage
	custom with a  metal  snare  and  two 
	16" and 18" in  Sabian  crashes,  20"
	Sabian Ride, 14"  Sabian  Hi-Hats, 8"
	Paiste Accent
Favorite MonoLyth Song:
	The one we've yet to make... 
		and Abstract Engines (most of the time)
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