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Abstract Engines
Closure of Arms
Electric Highway
No One and Nothing
Shadows and Puppets
Stolen Joy
Uplifting Design
With inVanity


Abstract Engines
I traverse the night
	on wheels of steel
four corners of thought
	feelings unreal
Headache of power
	shaking the cobwebs loose
smoke mingles with air
	foreign objectiveness
Others move around me with me inside of me
	seeing right through this reflection of me
Images blur by
	a holographic feel
disconnected attributes
	unlinked but sealed
Echoes of reasoning
	abstraction of object queues
lacking the power
	to word my blues
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Closure of Arms
I need stronger straps to hold up this burden 
on my back filled with terrible purpose
Distanced needs for resurrection of what once was
needs reconnection
Timelessness I stand frozen in the flames
a backdrop of forgoten names
Floating to me on wings of guilt that I deny
secure in my filth
Loss of innocence 
no longer impressed by the sound of the words
Broken apart 
Closure of arms to the needs of us all
Mirrored masked abomination
Flowing forth with wonton abandon
Prescience which I can't fathom
Finding strength in all that's random
I'm waiting for the air to clear
waiting for the sound I want to hear
	is the start of all my fears
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Startled by the darkness of the sky
Reflected in the color of her eyes
Let it come
Let it rise
Once more will make it the first time
Salvation is where we all belong
Calibration with the coming of the dawn
Let it come
Let it rise
Tomorrow will never come in time
Running in circles
Night standing still
She'll keep us breathing
until she gets her fill
Forgetfull of how I got here
Regretfull of my time spent here
Let it come
Let it rise
I know it will never come in time
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I'm reaching out to that man within the mirror
He's calling me to follow him into the next world
I'm reaching out to that man within the mirror
I look into his eyes, he peers into my soul
And I don't know where we're going to
I follow him to the mountain tops 
	he takes me into the sea
And I don't know where we go
I'm reaching out to that man within the mirror
He grabs a hold of me and won't let go
Broken mirror, broken dreams
within the light the pieces gleem
See your face, a thousand eyes
reflecting back a thousand times
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Electric Highway
Electric Highways will set you free
Digital sin within the machine
My mind it's coasting upon these waves
I close my eyes and sink into the haze
And I'm traveling with my eyes closed
On the edge of awareness
Static teases my vision
Time is moving in slow motion
On the edge of awareness
In there I feel detached and alive
Sometimes it's the only way that I can survive
I forget what's behind me as I drive ahead
In here is real outside they're all dead
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No One and Nothing
Salivating for the thrill
Indications to hold still
Licking dry blood from my wounds
And leave it all to unravel
Try my patience from season to season
For as yet and unknown reason
Listen to what is said
and watch reactions faceless wonder
No one and nothing
and else is what we call it
That makes it worth it
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Shadows and Puppets
Unwanted need to belong
on the backs of the strong
follow them without regard
to the people we retard
Lacking nothing, needing more
Always deeper we explore
to find a way to deny
weaken the brain through the eyes
Gazing up, eyes wide
	with fabricated emotion
defined by shodows and puppets
Eat it up, open wide
mind raped by the obscenity
Within the image of the screen
Within our vision of failures dream
A coexistence of breaking tones
leaving speechless unthinking drones
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Stolen Joy
My inhibitions leave me at your mercy
I can't seem to find a purpose to this
My eyes are closing as the anger festers
but I can't seem to do a damn thing about it
Frustration turns into the bigger picture
My knuckles whiten as teh pressure builds
Inside I hear the words, they echo through me
I fail to put them behind me so they grow
All I left with is the debris to rebuild
but the fire still burns
Leaving ashes to be blown away by my hate
and all these people they gag me until I suffocate
Until I can't leave any of this behind
As hard as I try
They only grow and leave me blind
Until all hear 
are the screams from out of the past
And my joy they steal
	Leaving the best for last
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Uplifting Design
Trampled nameless deeds fall through
The plans that we have made consumed
Tired of the process I call out to you
Now is not the place I want to know
All that I've been, AllI still have
Summed up in a moment, deciding whoe's to pass
Remember your reasons, remember my part
Remember your design and sweep me up
Out of nowhere I hear you
Falling from the state once ruled
Saving all that you can't I call out to you
Someone else responds for you
Feel the weight on my head
The tracks I leave on stones are red
Hear the cries that I've made, calling to you
Holding on to me to make me new
Sweep me up in your arms of reason
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With inVanity
Dreams wisk away 
from the those of likeness here today
And now they all appear
to be so far below me
Sink into their plane and watch
Try not to become the same
And now they all appear
to surround me
Swallowed by the faith
Layed claim to be by the massed mistake
Trivial devine attempt
To leach away the spawned abrasiveness
And now they all appear
to be too deep within me
Lay waste to spoken dream
Lay it all out to be forgotten in midair
Tonight's disease
Inject regal to limit memory
And now they all appear
to be ripped from me
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