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        Just wanted to let everyone  know  that  we have de-
        cided to do 2 more shows.  Here is the schedule:

        August 17th at 9:00 && September 21st at 11:00 
        Both are at Dos with a $6 cover.  21+.

        Jim is moving in late September  so  that will be all 
        she wrote for a long while.  
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        Wow!  The show  on  Saturday was  a huge success.  I 
        heard from a lot of  people  it was the best show we 
        had played yet.  All three bands were  rad  and well 
        received. Hoggle's Jewelry put on a high energy show 
        that was way better than Weezer.  Trace Fury rivaled 
        the best Philly has to offer. The crowd was a lot of 
        fun and  by far on   of  the  best we've played for.  
        Thanks to you all for comming.  
        So everyone now knows that Jim  is leaving the  band 
        in September. It was questionable what we were going 
        to do as a band  until then  and beyond.  Much of it 
        depended  on how  Saturday went.  We have decided to 
        keep playing as  MonoLyth, so there  will be more to 
        come. However, after September it may be a little at 
        a time, but we will still exist.
        But what about  the time  between now and September?  
        We have decided a few  things.  We are going to keep 
        practicing with Jim.  Or I should say  Jim  is going 
        to  continue  to play  with us until  he leaves  for 
        We have also decided, because Saturday went so well, 
        to try and do a few more shows.  We're not pulling a 
        Ramone's   on you,  we just  didn't  know whether we 
        wanted to play any more so close to Jim leaving.  So 
        we're in the process of finding a few more shows and 
        will let you know as soon as they come around.  
        So keep  checking  your mail  and the site.  Get the 
        word out,  tell your  friends and  your brothers and 
        sisters that they should come and see the process as 
        we evolve into the next stage of MonoLyth.
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        The show at Rockers was pretty cool. The sound  over  
        there is good,  so  it helped us sound better.  Plus 
        the enthusiasm  of those of you who  showed  made  a  
        difference in  our performance  as  well, so  thanks  
        a lot for coming.  We introduced a new  song  titled 
        Shadows and Puppets that was well received. Ofcourse  
        we'll  be playing this at our upcoming shows.  
        We are trying to get  some cd's  made to hand out at 
        our next few shows.  They are the studio versions of 
        Uplifting Design, Closure  of Arms, Abstract Engines 
        and Stolen Joy that we  just  finished  recording  a 
        few weeks ago.  We made a few  additions  to the Web 
        Site.  All the lyrics to  our songs  are up there so 
        you can check them  out and see what we're saying up 
        there.  Soon to come, as soon as Spirit has the time 
        to do it, explanations to the song lyrics will be up 
        there also.  So not  only will you know what's being  
        said  you  will  know what  we're talking about  and 
        where we're coming from.
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        MonoLyth is currently working on their second studio 
        recording. This short album will contain Stolen Joy,  
        Uplifting   Design, Abstract Engines  and Closure of 
        Arms. The final tracks are being laid next  week and  
        the album will be mastered shortly  there after.  We
        are getting it pressed ourselves, so we  don't  know 
        how long until we have the completed album with with  
        the  jacket  and all.  We'll let you know as soon as 
        that is available.
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        Well...  It is official.  We are never  playing the 
        Pontiac Grille again.  And we suggest  that  nobody
        books a show there.  Out of the four  times we have
        played there they  have screwed  up our  time  slot 
        three times and  totally  screwed  us and the other 
        bands.  That  Kirsten has  no business  booking for 
        anyplace  and should be  dragged  out in the street
        and flogged. How stupid do  you  have to be to book 
        five bands on a  Thursday night,  first  band going 
        on at about 10:15?  That's a bright  idea.  We were  
        told originally that there   would be  three  bands   
        and we would be going on second  around  11:00.  We  
        get to the "club" and  they  tell  us we're playing  
        fourth of five.  What the  Fu@k!!!  Then the  third 
        band shows up late so they  give us their slot  and 
        screw them. I hate this   place. Actually, everyone
        else there was all right. Kirsten  is an  idiot and 
        the door guy was a dick, but that's his  job.  Must
        be  hard  to work in that place with  those  who do 
        show up usually  ending up  getting  pissed  off at 
        them.  All the  frustration  and we didn't even get
        paid.  Assholes.
        Thanks  to  those  who  showed  up at  the Pontiac. 
        Sorry we all got raped by the Kirsten.  
        I know  this has  bad  grammar and spelling, but it 
        was written in an  angry state. (Kentucky)
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        We have taken down our download pg because of tech-	
	nical difficulties with the ftp server  we use.  We
	are  working with the  administrator,  Bill, to get 
	this problem fixed and  will let you  know when you
	can access the page.
	We have a few more shows  coming up so  take a look 
	at the schedule. If you've looked  at the  schedule 
	and  are wondering whether  to go to the Pontiac or 
	Doc Watson's,  we would  rather that you go to  Doc 
	Watson's for  our own  personal reasons (concerning 
	the fact that the staff at the Pontiac  Grille  are 
	a bunch of... nevermind)
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	We  want to  thank  everyone  for  coming on Friday 
	night. It was a huge success.  We gave away 15 cd's
	and had a lot of fun.  There was a great turnout of 
	around 50 people, those who didn't come missed out.
	We'd also like to thank Ed and Doc's of course, who
	have invited us back in the near future.  
	Thanks to Ry for coming all the way from California
	to see us.  
	Thanks to Troublsome Blue for  playing with us (not 
	like that).  They also put  on a good show  and are 
	from Merchantville, so check  them out if you get a 
	chance. (http:\\
	See ya at the next show.
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	We have another show  scheduled so  check  out  our
	upcoming shows page.  It's at the Pontiac Grille on 
	South St. in Philadelphia.  
	We're  currently  experimenting  with recording and 
	hopefully we'll have a cd with a few songs on it to
	give away at our shows.  
	Have a good holiday and we'll see you in 2001.
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	The download section of our site is now up so check
	that out.  There  are  downloads  from our old demo 
	recorded back in 1999 that some of  you may already
	have copies of. Then there are some live recordings
	of our practices.  One of each song that we have at
	the moment.  The recordings are of pretty good qual-
	ity and will at least give you an idea of the sound
	we have developed.
	Also we have our  FIRST SHOW scheduled since we re-
	formed.  It will be a Doc. Watson's in Philadelphia
	on January 5th.  We go  on at 10:30.  It's a Friday
	so it will be a good time to get your drink on.
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	MonoLyth is glad to  formally announce its  return.
	We are active with a new member and without an old.
	Jim will replace George playing the  Stick Bass and 
	will be  adding new  sounds and ideas to the group.
	We have completed some new songs  and experimenting
	with sounds. We have also been turning our practice
	room into a  recording studio, so hopefully we will 
	have some more cds for you soon.
	Although we are not ready to play live yet, we will
	be shortly.  Join the mailing list to be updated on
	new  MonoLyth information about available downloads
	on the site, upcoming shows and new recordings.
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